Holiday Gift Guide

The Perfect Gift for any angler

Sometimes the Best Gift for Anglers is leaving the hard decisions up to them. Let the Angler in your life choose the products they know they need this holiday season. Cortland Gift Card's are available from $25-$500.

Ambassador Picks

Honson Lau's Pick: Tarpon Taper Clear

"The Liquid Crystal Tarpon Taper Clear offers a true advantage for the technical angler in the most technical fisheries. Coupled with the perfect taper for delivering a technical presentation at all ranges. This is my go-to line when fishing in the world's most demanding fisheries."


Greg Moon's Pick: Tropic Plus Redfish

"The Cortland Tropic Redfish line has been my absolute go-to line for years. The short head turns over big flies with ease. Plus the line is just tough. I put thousands of pounds of bull reds in the boat annually and this line has never let me down."


Fred Roumbanis's Pick: Master Braid Moss Green

"The key to my topwater frog fishing success is having the best line possible. I use and trust Cortland Master Braid 50 lb and 65 lb for its castability, impact strength and to give my bait the best action as possible."


Staff Picks

Matt B. (Sales Rep) Pick: Nymph Series Fly Rods

"The Nymph Series Fly Rod is the perfect gift for any fly fisherman looking to get in to tight line nymphing or an advanced angler that is looking for a premium nymph rod to add to their arsenal. This is one of the highest quality rods I’ve used at this price point and comes with all the features of a $500 + nymph rod. All of us here have put this rod through the ringer and it continues to perform time and time again."

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Chris R. (Product Develop.) Pick: Streamer intermediate Tip

"The newest addition to Cortland Streamer Series and a must have fly line for those seeking big results. The aggressive taper design effectively allows you to deliver any streamer in your box with ease. The 10' Intermediate Tip puts your fly in the middle to upper sections of the water column for those aggressive streamer eats that we never forget. This has been my go-to streamer line this past Fall because of its versatile sink rate and it's ability to throw large bulky streamers like a size 18 dry."


Zach M. (VP Sales & Marketing) Pick: Tri-Color Indicator Mono

"When giving a gift, finding a product that can truly enhance someone's experience is vital. It is something that I have experienced firsthand with this very product. When nymphing it can be tough to keep track of your drift in the water, especially for those with bad eyesight. This product makes that a little easier with the contrasting colors that allow for high visibility in various light conditions."


Scott M. (Customer Service) Pick: Guide Series Outfits

"The Guide Combo Outfit offers all anglers the best possible rod and reel combo at a friendly price. Including everything you need to get out on the water and fish, it couldn't be easier. If anyone is looking to grab an impressive gift for the angler in their life, this one is it."


Brooks R. (Product Develop.) Pick: Daho Needles

"The range of Daho Needles are an ideal choice for anglers looking to splice in top shots, leaders, fly lines or create reverse spliced loops.  Threading needles, latch needles, and loop splicing needles can be used in conjunction with products such as C-16 Hollow Core, All fly lines, Braided Mono Looping Material, Waxed Braided Mono, Micron Fly Line Backing, and Hollow Core Fly Line Backing."


Richard N. (Sales Rep) Pick: Fly Line Cleaner & Pads

"It doesn’t matter how expensive your socks or cooler are, you still need to clean them! It is no different when it comes to fly lines. Extend the life span of your premium fly line and keep it performing the way it was intended by frequently applying our cleaner solution throughout the season."


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