Freshwater Fly Lines

High Performance Through Innovation

Cortland Freshwater Fly Lines are built for a variety of freshwater environments using advanced coating materials.

Saltwater Fly Lines

Own the Salt

Cortland Saltwater Fly Lines are developed for the toughest environments using advanced coatings and line technology.

Conventional Fishing Lines

Line You Can Trust

Cortland Super Braid is braided with premium gel spun spectra fibers for unmatched sensitivity and line handling.

Honson Lau Explains Targeting Bonefish, Tarpon and Why He Doesn’t Prefer Wade Fishing - Hooked EP2

Capt. Honson Lau grew up native to Miami and the upper Florida Keys and has been fishing these waters since the early 90s. His guiding career started in 2009 though...

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Hooked The Podcast

Embracing the Thrill of Fly Fishing for Bass: A Beginner's Perspective

Article Written by Dan Atwell. Learn More About the author below / Article Read Time: 5 Minutes Fly fishing possesses a unique allure, drawing you into...

Full Swing on the Salmon River

Article Written by Brooks Robinson. Learn More About the author below / Article Read Time: 5 Minutes Every year the anticipation for salmon season is high...

The Art of Teasing for Striped Bass

Article Written by Paul Dixon. Learn More About the author below / Article Read Time: 7 Minutes I turned to my client and said, “Are you...

Jig Streamer Tactics

Article Written by Matt Koles. Learn More About the author below / Article Read Time: 6 Minutes The jig streamers started for me at Pyramid Lake in Nevada...

Pro Staff Highlight: Why Team Jaruco Chooses Cortland C-16

Jaruco is a 90' Jarrett Bay sportfishing boat that is widely recognized for its advanced build, using materials like Carbon Fiber and titanium in its...

2 Frog Fishing Tips for Big Bass

Article Written by Justin Jones. Learn More About the author belowArticle Read Time: 4 Minutes My Firsthand Experience with Frog Fishing Frog fishing has increasingly...

A Game of Chess

The famous Delaware River is one of the most technical tailwaters in the country. Often requiring the angler to be one step ahead of the trout, like a game of chess.

The Search for Silver

Tarpon fishing in the southern region of Florida with Capt. Honson Lau and Jeremy Alderman.

A Day on Lake Okeechobee

Bass Fishing with Ryan Edwards and Capt. Justin Jones.

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