Flip Pallott's back is towards the camera and he is holding onto a fly fishing rod. There is water in the background.
Flip Pallot

Flip Pallot is one of the legends within the fishing community. He spent 12 years as a fishing and hunting guide, which led to his career in television. For 16 years, Flip was the host of ESPN's Walker's Cay Chronicles.


Christiaan staring at the camera with sunglasses and an orange hat. There is a body of water in the background
Christiaan Pretorius

Christiaan Pretorius started competing in fly fishing tournaments at the early age of 14. Since then, Christiaan has been traveling to the most sought-after and remote fisheries he can, to host guided trips, and share his experiences with the rest of the fly fishing community.


Frederik Jakobus Lucas kneeling down in clear water and holding up a fish
Frederik Jakobus Lucas

Captain Jako Lucas is a world traveler and content creator from South Africa with over a decade of guiding experience in some of the world's most remote and complex fisheries. Jako's goals are to entice the younger generation to explore some of the less known locations in the world by sharing these exclusive settings that he travels to.


Alton Jones holding up the Major League Fishing trophy over his head
Alton Jones Jr.

Following in his father's footsteps, Alton Jones Jr. has been competing professionally since 2017. Jr. has three career wins and fourteen Top 10 finishes in MLF.


Fred Roumbanis standing on a boat with other boats in the background
Fred Roumbanis

Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis is a Major League Fishing Professional Tournament Angler originally from California. Nowadays, he resides in Arkansas. Fred has four total wins and finished in the Top 10, twenty-eight times in MLF tournaments.


Jonathan Dietz smiling, while holding up a bass.
Jonathan Dietz

Jonathan's passion for fishing started when he was growing up in Pennsylvania. He is a Major League Professional Tournament Angler and has seven Top 10 finishes.


Vinny wearing sunglasses, with fly fishing rods behind him
Vincent Catalano

Vincent is the owner and operator of Long Island Fly Fishing. He has over 20 years of experience and provides guided trips on the North Shore of Long Island Sound, North Fork, and Montauk.


Travis Manson is holding up a fish on a boat
Travis Manson

Travis is a native of Wisconsin has been fishing ever since he was a kid. He has gained recognition from competing in the Bassmaster Elite Series and from his YouTube Channel. Travis offers guided trips on Upper Chesapeake Bay, Lake Ontario, and the St. Lawrence River.


Spencer holding up a fly fishing rod and smiling at the camera. There is a body of water in the background
Spencer Berman

Spencer is the owner and operator of Spencer's Angling Adventures. Spencer has been competing in musky tournaments ever since he was a teenager, building a reputation as one of the best musky anglers on Lake St. Clair. In 2022 alone, his guide service landed 723 muskies, with 53 over 50”s. In the spring months, he provides guided tours on the Detroit River for walleye.


Keith is wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a blue cameo shirt. He is looking out in front of him, while holding up a pole
Keith Rose-Innes

Keith has been a fly fishing guide for over 25 years and done so throughout the world. He is the co-founder of Alphonse Fishing Company, which is located in Seychelles.


Lance Wilt kneeing down with a fish in his hand. There is a fly rod in his lap and a fishing net in the river.
Lance Wilt

Lance Wilt resides in Central Pennsylvania and is the owner/operator of Outcast Anglers LLC.  Lance is a full-time guide and can be found at various fisheries across the country as well as South America. 

Honson Lau standing in water and holding onto a fish
Honson Lau

Honson is a licensed USCG captain out of Miami, Florida. He has over a decade of experience and specializes in catching tarpon, redfish, permit, bonefish, and snook. He offers half-day and full day charters.


Wanda Taylor is smiling at the camera with a grey jacket on and a light blue shirt underneath
Wanda Taylor

Wanda "The South's 1st Lady of Fly Fishing" Taylor has been a professional guide and casting instructor for over 40 years. She has been a host on a variety of different types of mass media. Currently, she teaches private casting and guiding instruction near Reliance, TN.


Matt Koles leaning over in a body of water, as he is holding onto a fish that is in a net
Matt Koles

Matt "Gilligan" Koles is the owner of Gilligans Guide Service. Matt brings over 35 years of experience fly fishing the Truckee River/Tahoe region of California. Throughout the years, he has proven himself as a top stick and guide, teaching thousands of new anglers the sport of fly fishing. One of Matt’s favorite techniques is utilizing jig streamers in the heart of deep, pocket water runs.


Brian Porter is wearing a cameo shirt and sunglasses, while looking down to his right
Brian "Lucky" Porter

Brian is the owner of Far Out Fly Fishing. Based out of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, he has spent the last 18 years guiding anglers into steelhead, muskies, and smallmouth. Throughout the winter months, you can find him pushing along the North Carolina shores for redfish.

Eric Ratliff is holding onto a large fish
Eric Ratliff

Eric is a fly fishing guide located in Wyoming. He specializes in trophy trout and pike. He spends his summer focusing on trout and shifts towards pike in the Spring and Fall. He has loved putting our Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet to the ultimate test.


Cam looking and smiling at the camera, with arms crossed while holding onto his fly rod
Cam Chioffi

Cam is a fly fishing guide from Massachusetts. He currently spends his summers in Gunnison, Colorado guiding for trout and spends his winters in Baja, Mexico guiding for striped marlin. He enjoys fishing for a wide variety of species and looks forward to helping develop the best lines for all the new situations he is faced with.


Christina Truppe is on a boat and smiling at the camera, while holding a large musky. There is a fly fishing net behind her lying on the boat.
Christina Truppe

Christina Truppe is the owner of Musky Guide Service out of Wisconsin. She has been fishing musky ever since her father put a rod into her hand at a very young age. Christina provides guided tours in the northern and central parts of Wisconsin.


Mark Wechsler is smiling at the camera with a Cortland hat on and a white cameo shirt
Mark Wechsler

Bringing over twenty years of experience, Mark began fly fishing a few years after moving to the Vail Valley in 1994. Since then, fly fishing has become more than a favorite sport or hobby - it has become a passion that he enjoys sharing with clients, friends, and family. Currently, he is guiding for Anderson Fish Camp.


Willy Le stirring a boat with a sunset in the background
Willy Le

Willy is a Full Time guide in the East Central parts of Florida. Born on the Island of Guam with a Vietnamese background, Will was 1 year old when he, his Mom, Dad, and 5 siblings moved to Florida in 1980. He grew up fishing the lakes and ponds of Orlando and the saltwater flats from Flagler County down to the Florida Keys. Today he owns and operates Native Fly Charters. Willy is known for his hard work ethic on the poling platform and his ability to teach the art of sight fishing.


Paul Dixon smiling
Paul Dixon

At an early age of 3, Paul was destined to be a charter captain. Paul has been featured on a variety of TV shows and was even named one of the Top 50 Charter Captains by Salt Water Sportsman! Nowadays, he provides charters on Long Island's East End.


Matt Perchio is standing on a boat, with his back towards the camera. He is holding up his cellphone.
Matt Perchio

For 25 years, Matt Perchio has been fishing around Cape Cod, MA. Over the years, he has mastered the techniques needed to catch Bluefin Tuna, Striped Bass, Cod, and Bluefish. Matt is the owner of Tighten Up Charters CC.


Charles Card wearing sunglasses and a winter hat
Charles Card

Charles is a fly fishing guide based out of Utah. Charles started tying commercially at the age of 13, by the age of 15, he sold enough flies to purchase his first boat. He began guiding on the Green River over 28 years ago. Charles brings a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and passion unlike no other to the Cortland team. When Charles isn’t floating the river, you will find him targeting double digit lake trout and pike on long sinking lines and bulky flies.

Greg Moon holding up a large fish across his lap with another fisherman seated next to him
Greg Moon

Greg grew up in Southern California and spent his childhood fishing on the Pacific Ocean. In 2008, he decided to move to New Orleans and started Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters. Today, Greg and his team of guides regularly put people on their trophy redfish of a lifetime.


Alberto holding up a fish by its mouth and fishing pole in the other hand
Alberto Knie

"Crazy" Alberto Knie is a fishing legend. He was born in Hong Kong and his family moved to Brazil when he was young before eventually making his way to Manhattan. His contributions to surf fishing tactics for Striped Bass in the Northeast are substantial and he pioneered a lot of the techniques that are popular today. Alberto currently splits his time between NY & FL. He is the owner and CEO of Tactical Anglers, a manufacturer of innovative and durable surf plugs, clips and other great products. Alberto is known for fishing at all times of the day/night and being out there when most people wouldn't even think about it as a possibility.


Dan & Tom Harrison
Dan & Tom Harrison

The Harrison brothers have been professional guides for over twenty years and own Harrison Anglers. Their journey began in 2003, guiding the Flathead Rivers in West Glacier, Montana. They have had the opportunity to guide around the globe. However, they call Western Massachusetts home and provide guides year-round.


Jeff Warford is holding up a radio up to his mouth. There are two fishing rods behind him and water.
Jeff Warford

Jeff is a New Jersey native and full time captain of the 58’ Viking, F/V Wolfpack. Based out of Long Beach Island NJ, you can find Jeff fishing in tournaments, trolling for tuna and daytime swordfishing the Canyons up and down the East Coast.

Stephen Barlogh
Stephen Balogh

Stephen is head guide and co-owner of the White River Trout Club on the world-famous White River in Arkansas. He also runs hosted trips to various saltwater destinations to satisfy his addiction to flats fishing (predominantly Mexican Permit). From summers in Alaska to nearly 10 years in Colorado, Stephen has been guiding since 2009. He started his fishing career while attending the University of Arkansas, just 2.5 hours from the White River. His dream was to own a fly fishing lodge, so he studied Hotel/Restaurant Management and ended up graduating despite logging more hours on the water than in class.


Johann du Preez standing in water holding up a brown fish
Johann du Preez

Johann is an Artist, Fly Fishing Guide, filmmaker, and all-around fishy dude. He calls South Africa home and got his start fly fishing on the Eastern Cape Rivers. He now spends his time fishing/guiding remote destinations including Bolivia, Guyana, and Sudan. When he is not traveling internationally, you can catch him drawing and painting fishy art for his personal collection and for fly fishing companies.


Valerio Santi Amantini
Valerio Santi Amantini

Valerio’s fishing dates back to his childhood in Genoa, Italy - jumping from stone to stone in rivers, finding ways to catch more of his friends.
Today, he is best known for his competition fishing, touring the world, and fishing in the most famous rivers.

He has had a career that includes, 18 International medals in World and European Championships, including 2 Individual World Championship Golds in 2011 and 2013.

He now shares his passion with fly Anglers across the world.

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