Bass Panfish

The 333 Bass Panfish was designed to remain slick and easy casting while targeting bass and panfish in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Featuring an aggressive taper design that is ideal for throwing air resistant top water flies and streamers. Built with a hard jacket material and monofilament core to withstand the summer heat. A bright yellow line profile makes for easy tracking in lowlight conditions.

- Easy Casting
- High Floating
- Extremely Durable

WATER: Freshwater
LINE: Floating
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 90ft
CORE: Monofilament 
SPECIES: Bass / Panfish

Size WF3F

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International deliveries can take up to 7 - 18 days.

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 P65 - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Freshwater Floating Weight Forward Monofilament

WF 3 120 gr. 27 ft. 90 ft.
WF 4 140 gr. 27 ft. 90 ft.
WF 5 160 gr. 27 ft. 90 ft.
WF 6 185 gr. 27 ft. 90 ft.
WF 7 210 gr. 27 ft. 90 ft.


Cleaning your fly line is very important especially when fishing saltwater. Simply pull line off your reel into a clean bucket or tub of freshwater. Put roughly 1oz or more of Cortland’s Line Cleaner solution onto a clean rag or towel. Firmly squeeze the towel with Pro Line Cleaner around the line and slowly pull line through the towel. You should be able to see dirt or discolored streaks on the towel when finished.

Learn more about Cortland's Fly Line Cleaner Lubricant & Pads.

Hover: Neutral
Slow Intermediate: 1 IPS (Inches Per Second) 
Medium Intermediate: 1.5 - 2 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Fast Intermediate: 2 - 3 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 3 Sink Rate: 3 - 4 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 4 Sink Rate: 4 - 5 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 5 Sink Rate: 5 - 6 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 6 Sink Rate: 6 - 7 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 7 Sink Rate: 7 - 8 IPS (Inches Per Second)
Type 9 Sink Rate: 9+ IPS (Inches Per Second)