Trout Mount x Cortland Line Giveaway

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Whats included in the Giveway

Trout Mount for Rods

Designed, built, and tested in the USA by a professional guide for safely holding up to 6 of your fishing rods fully rigged and ready, so you can spend more time on the water doing what we all love.

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10’7wt MKII Series Fly Rod

MKII Rods are constructed with blends of premium high modulus graphite giving this rod the perfect balance between being lightweight and durable. The 10’ design on these fast action rods provides a platform for smooth distance casting without compromising line control.

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5/7wt Crown Series Fly Reel & Extra Spool

Cortland’s Crown series mid-arbor disc drag fly reel is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized for corrosion resistance. The Crown Series fly reels incorporate a light-weight design while providing structural strength and durability.

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Two Streamer Fly Lines of Your Choice

Whether you are fishing smaller creeks or rivers, or deep lakes and ripping currents. Coming this fall, we will offer six unique tapers to match any water type. Be one of the first anglers to fish the new sink tip offerings!

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professionally spooled Fly Line and Backing

Cortland Micron is the standard by which all fly line backing has been judged for more than 50 years. Your choice of six different color options and two weight sizes.  We will load each spool, so you are ready to fish out of the box!

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