Fliegenschnüre der Trout-Serie

Trout Series Fly Lines


Die Fliegenschnüre der Trout-Serie von Cortland verfügen über komplexe Taper-Designs, die Schussfähigkeit, Vielseitigkeit und Konsistenz für jede Forellensituation bieten. Jede Schnur der Trout-Serie verfügt über unsere charakteristische Shooting Technology-Beschichtung, die die Lebensdauer Ihrer Schnur verlängert und die Reibung innerhalb Ihrer Ringe verringert. Spezialisierte geflochtene Nylon-Multifilamentkerne bleiben auch in den kältesten Forellengewässern geschmeidig und verheddern sich nicht.

Technische Taper für präzise Präsentationen.

Explore the Trout Series by Cortland Line Company

Fly fishing for trout comes with a variety of techniques used to match what the fish are eating. Whether you are throwing nymph rigs in rivers, delicately presenting dries, throwing large indicators in stillwater, or stripping big streamers, your line is a crucial tool to get your flies where the fish are. Here at Cortland Line Company, we understand that having a diverse selection of lines is key in order to be prepared for any situation you may come across when out on the water. Check out our Trout Boss and Trout Boss Double Taper line which have a complex taper design for any trout situation. If you are throwing lighter nymph rigs, dries, or wet flies, we have you covered with our Finesse Trout II line. Our Long Belly Distance line was designed for complete distance versatility by featuring a longer head that allows for effortless line pick up, roll casts, and mending. For you dry fly purists out there, your search for the best line for making delicate presentations is over with our Ultralight line. Finally, our Indicator line featuring our new High Float Tip technology allows for perfect dead drift execution in even the most complex currents. No matter what body of water you are fishing or what presentation you are after, we are confident we have the right line for you in our Trout Series by Cortland Line Company.

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At Cortland Line Company we have over a decade of experience manufacturing the highest quality fishing products on the market. We offer the best freshwater and saltwater fly fishing lines, leaders, tippet, as well as rods and reels. Our innovative lines offer the latest in fly line technology so you can be confident that your performance on the water is maximized. Fishing is a sport that is constantly evolving and at Cortland we made it our mission to ensure our products continue to evolve with it. Cortland has helped drive this evolution by continuing to develop ground breaking technology throughout the last century. Our passion is to keep you on top of the game by outfitting you with the highest standard of lines and gear. We are proud to be located in Cortland, New York, and even more proud to say that all of our products are made in the USA. Please feel free to reach out by giving us a call, filling out our contact form online, or swinging by in person. We would love to talk fishing with you and answer any questions you may have about our top of the line products. If not, we look forward to seeing you out on the water.