Travis Manson Talks Smallmouth Crush And Fishing With Ladders - Hooked EP1

Travis Manson is a tournament angler and content creator. He started the brand "SmallmouthCrush" back in 2017. He guides on the St Lawrence River and Lake Ontario for trophy Smallmouth Bass and can also be found guiding on the Chesapeake Bay for Largemouth. He has over 500 fishing videos on his YouTube Channel where he teaches the different techniques that help him catch more fish. He also has a popular LIVE Stream show on his YouTube Channel SmallmouthCrush every Monday night at 8pm Est.

In this podcast, we discuss how Travis developed his love for smallmouth bass fishing and how he turned that passion into a career with guiding and his content creation. Tune in for funny tournament stories, smallmouth fishing techniques and tips for getting started on creating content.

Follow Travis Manson and his adventures to catch smallmouth bass around the North East.
Youtube - SmallmouthCrush
Facebook - @SmallmouthCrush
Instagram - @smallmouthcrush
Website -

Products mentioned in this podcast:
Master Braid
Silent Flip Flipping Braid
Monofilament Nylon Leader Material
Fluorocarbon Leader Material

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