Inside the Fishing Industry with Cortland Lines Original Gangsters Chris Rotchford & Nate Dablock - Hooked EP6

Chris Rotchford grew up in Cortland, NY and has been a long time employee of Cortland Line for 15 years. He specializes in customer service, product development and purchasing. He is one of the most well versed anglers at Cortland and has contributed to a ton of projects.

Nate Dablock grew up 20 minutes from the Cortland Line Facility and has worked here for almost 25 years. He currently manages our braid department as well as specializes in product development, marketing and manufacturing.

In this podcast, long time employees, Chris Rotchford and Nate Dablock talk about the ins and outs of working in the fishing industry and what it’s like to be a part of history at the oldest fishing line manufacturer. Tune in and learn about the Original Gangsters of Cortland Line.

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