Aerial shot of Belize

Fly Fishing in Belize With the Under Armour Fish Crew

Belize is one of the most highly sought after saltwater fisheries in the world. The area is well known for its giant schools of Bonefish and elusive Permit, many anglers come to Belize for a shot at one of the hardest saltwater species to catch on a fly rod.

Anglers must be prepared to battle the wind as they patiently wait out the perfect tide bite window. Everything is earned here in Belize. One missed target, one tangle, one trout set, can drastically change the outcome of your trip. Coming prepared with the right gear will increase your chances of success, but at the end of the day, the weather is the ultimate factor.

We are very excited to partner with the Under Armour Fish Crew and Captain Lionel James to showcase one of the greatest saltwater fisheries in the world. Captain Lionel owns and operates Lion’s Tale Adventures in Destin, Florida. Lionel is a Florida native who has been saltwater fishing his entire life. 

A collage of images from a flying fishing trip to Belize

Filmed and shot by Under Armor Fish / Idea Ranch / Reagan Renfroe

Youtube: Under Armour Fish
Instragram: @UAFish
Captain Lionel:

Products That Were Used in This Film:
Tropic Plus Ghost Tip Fly Line
Tropic Plus Bonefish Fly Line
Tropic Plus All Purpose Fly Line
Tropic Plus Clear Intermediate Fly Line
Fluorocarbon XTR Leader Material
Saltwater Nylon Tapered Leaders
Gel Spun Backing
Fly Line Cleaner

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