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Valerio Santi Amantini holding up two medals around his neck

Q&A with Double Gold Medalist Valerio Santi Amantini

The 2024 Masters World Championship took place at Vyssi Brod in the Czech Republic from 19th May to 25th May. Valerio Santi Amantini, who is...

A fish going after a lure underwater.

Calico Bass on the Fly

Article Written by Nick Curcione. Article Read Time: 5 Minutes Calico bass may not enjoy the star quality ratings associated with the likes of some of their...

An man is standing in knee high water and fly fishing

Stillwater: Fly Fishing’s Hidden Gem

Article Written by John Easdon. Article Read Time: 5 Minutes One of the most common things I have heard working in a fly shop over the last...

Enganchado El Podcast

Travis Manson Talks Smallmouth Fishing in Lake Ontario & St. Lawrence River - Hooked EP17

Travis Manson Talks Smallmouth Fishing in Lake Ontario & St. Lawrence River - Hooked EP17

Travis Manson is a tournament angler and content creator. He started the brand "SmallmouthCrush" back in 2017. He guides on the St Lawrence River and...

An angler is standing on a boat and reeling in his fishing line

Capt. Matt Perachio Returns to Discuss the 2024 Bluefin Tuna Season Hooked. Ep. 16

Capt. Matt Perachio is a well well-known charter captain out of Cape Cod, MA and has over 25 years of experience fishing these waters. His...

Dropback Steelhead, & Big Redfish - Hooked Ep. 15

Dropback Steelhead, & Big Redfish - Hooked Ep. 15

In this episode of Hooked the Podcast, the Cortland team recaps the recent trade show season and the team's trip to Louisiana for bull redfish....

Aerial shot of Belize

Pesca con mosca en Belice con Under Armour Fish Crew

Belice es una de las pesquerías de agua salada más buscadas del mundo. El área es bien conocida por sus bancos gigantes de macabí y...

Treeland's Musky by Musky Fool x O'Pros

Musky de Treeland de Musky Fool x O'Pros

El equipo de Musky Fool y O'Pros se dirigió a Hayward, WI, para competir en el Campeonato Mundial anual de pesca con mosca Musky en...

The Search for Silver - Tarpon Fishing

La búsqueda de plata - Pesca de sábalo

Los sábalos a menudo se consideran una de las especies más difíciles de engañar con una caña de mosca. Un juego de gato y ratón....


Outstretched hands holding onto a salmon slightly above the water