Competition Series Fly Lines

Competition Series Fly Lines


Cortland has developed an entire range of products dedicated to the best anglers who demand the highest level of performance on rivers and lakes. A complete offering of lake /reservoir lines has been finely tuned to complement any tactic you need to employ. From extreme distance in the FO-Tech lines to density compensated sinking lines with hang markers, we know you’ll be better suited the next time you hit the water.

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Take your cast and retrieval strategies to the next level with our Competition Series Freshwater fly lines.

There seems to come a point in a fly angler’s career that can either redefine a passion and take the sport to the next level or cause stagnation. Perhaps you have found yourself waist-deep, thirty yards out from the shore of your favorite stillwater fishery, wishing your fly line could keep up with your varying casting strokes, technical retrieval methods, and creative mends. That’s where we come in. To help foster taking your fishing experience from advanced to elite, we have developed the Competition Series Freshwater Fly Lines. Whether you are hunting giant predatory pike, stalking wild trout, or searching for that school of perch, the Competition Series has a line for your arsenal. Perfectly match our lines with your favorite rod. The Competition Series offers intricate and deliberate mixtures of taper length and shape, grain weight, and texture. Have a fast rod with a sturdy backbone? Try throwing our type 7 or 9 level sinking lines to get down deep quickly. Need a more subtle presentation to help the fibers of your streamer undulate properly? We have a plethora of intermediate lines to buy you some extra “soaking” time, like the Fo-Tech Intermediate or the Slow Intermediate lines. Enhance all aspects of your cast and freshwater fishing game with the Competition Series Freshwater Fly Lines.

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At Cortland Line Company we share a passion for everything fly fishing. We specialize in fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and offer other products including leaders, tippet, rods and reels. We are passionate about the sport and offer over 100 years of refined experience both designing and manufacturing  the world’s top fly line and braided fishing line. As techniques progress we remain focused on growing our technology for innovative new angler adventures. Our dedication over the last century compels us to continue pushing the limits of fly lines and propel the progression of fly fishing forward. All our lines are made in the USA at our premier location in Cortland, New York. We are a groundbreaking pioneer within the fly fishing industry, with many of our cultivated technologies continuing to shape fly line development. If you have questions about our elite fly lines, or anything fishing related, stop by and see us - we love to talk about all things fishing. We look forward to seeing you out on the water.