Fly Fishing on a Budget

Fly Fishing on a Budget

Video by Jonathan Hardman. Learn More About the creator below / Article Read Time: 7 Minutes

When people hear the term “Fly Fishing” it often gets portrayed as an elite sport. Although it has this reputation, there are many ways to get your entry into the wonderful world of fly fishing on a budget. Anyone that has been fly fishing for several years always remembers their first fly fishing combo or rod. I know I sure do, my first fly rod combo landed a ton of quality fish. It’s only later in your fly fishing experiences once you have become a better angler and been exposed to better, more expensive gear that you realize that wow… that $100 combo was well worth the investment.

Effectiveness and enjoyment in fly fishing should not be dependent on the monetary value of gear but rather on technique and willingness to get out there and learn. This is why, we at Cortland Line strive to provide beginners with a strong basis to get started fly fishing without breaking the bank. In the video below, our friend Jonathan at Hardman Fishing Adventures, shows just how easy it is to get started fly fishing using Cortland Fairplay products.

About the author

Jonathan Hardman is a content creator and fly fisherman. You can Follow Hardman Fishing Adventures on his Instagram @hardmanfishingadventures and watch more of his videos at Hardman Fishing Adventures YouTube channel. 

Products that Were Mentioned in This Article:

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Fairplay Preloaded Reel with 5/6wt Fly Line
Black Wooly Bugger
Olive Wooly Bugger

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