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WATER: Saltwater
LINE: Floating 
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 105ft
CORE: Monofilament  

• Aggressive Front Taper
• Smooth Casting
• Highly Accurate

    The Bonefish line features an aggressive taper that loads rods easily for close shots. Elongated rear taper provides excellent loop control when you need to carry line for long range targets.



    5' 7' 32' 61'

    SIZE WF 6 7 8 9
    GRAIN WEIGHT 160 185 210 240


    Nothing gets the heart pumping like spotting a school of tailing bones in gin clear tropical water. We developed this line to perform and dominate flats fishing for the smartest Bonefish on the planet.

    When targeting Bonefish, capitalizing on every opportunity is a must. That’s why we designed this line to feature a 32’ back taper, paired with a short 7’ body that will load quickly. The 5’ front taper will turn over any size Bonefish fly without sacrificing a soft presentation. The extended back taper will allow you to quickly take shots from close and distant targets while maintaining a controlled loop.

    The tri-colored line is built over a monofilament core, finished with our signature Tropic Plus coating. Guaranteeing a slick, fast shooting line that will excel in the hottest flats environments. The white head absorbs minimal light that will blend into the coral and sandy bottoms for the much needed stealth.

    The Bonefish line is extremely accurate, easy to cast and versatile. Ready for any Bonefish situation you will be faced with out on the water.


    Our Bonefish Line is built for tropic environments and will perform best in temperatures above 70 degrees (F). Our Tropic PVC coating is designed to remain hard, slick and supple in the hottest conditions.

    The taper design for our bonefish line was meant to be aggressive up front for turning over weighted crab patterns and other weighted flies while still having enough front taper to subtly present these flies. The long rear taper helps excel in carrying a lot of line in the air and for throwing tight loops. This line is built in true line size so your rod never feels overlined when casting maximum distance.

    When fishing on Flats with a bright open sky, fish can be easily spooked from abnormal colors or water disturbance. We designed the first 44 feet of this line to be white to blend in with the bright surroundings and remain subtle to the fish. The blue/yellow running line helps track your line at distance and lets you reference how much line you have out when retrieving.

    Hover: Neutral
    Slow Intermediate: 1 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Medium Intermediate: 1.5 - 2 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Fast Intermediate: 2 - 3 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Type 3 Sink Rate: 3 - 4 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Type 4 Sink Rate: 4 - 5 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Type 5 Sink Rate: 5 - 6 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Type 6 Sink Rate: 6 - 7 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Type 7 Sink Rate: 7 - 8 IPS (Inches Per Second)
    Type 9 Sink Rate: 9+ IPS (Inches Per Second)

    Cleaning your fly line is very important especially when fishing saltwater. Simply pull line off your reel into a clean bucket or tub of freshwater. Put roughly 1oz or more of Cortland’s Pro Line Cleaner solution onto a clean rag or towel. Firmly squeeze the towel with Pro Line Cleaner around the line and slowly pull line through the towel. You should be able to see dirt or discolored streaks on the towel when finished.