Cortland C16 Super Braid Dealer Spool - Chartreuse

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Cortland’s C16 Super Braid is the most advanced gel-spun fiber, hollow core casting and trolling line available for saltwater fishing today. Braided in our Cortland, New York, manufacturing facility from 16 gel-spun fibers, C16 line features a tight, round weave and uniform pick count (wraps per inch) for an exceptionally smooth surface that packs tightly on the spool with no flattening or digging in. Its fine diameter minimizes line drag when trolling or fighting fish, and the 16 carrier construction results in incredible resistance to nicks and abrasions during protracted fights with big fish.

The C16 line delivers extreme sensitivity and instant hooksets since the gel-spun fibers have virtually no stretch. C16 also features Cortland’s proprietary FiberTech® super braid protection, a unique treatment (not a coating) which penetrates the weave and bonds with the individual gel-spun fibers to stiffen and improve the handling characteristics of the line. ColorLast provides a permanent color while FiberTech® reduces friction in the guides and increases the line’s durability.

C16 is braided with Cortland’s spliceable hollow core construction for fast and reliable splicing of end-loops for wind-on leaders or direct splices for top shots of Monofilament or Fluorocarbon.

- Spliceable Hollow Core
- Smooth Surface Braid
- Longest-Lasting Color
- Fine Diameter
- Minimal Line Drag
- Strong Leader Connections

LB. Test 40 LB
Spool 5000 YDS

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 P65 - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

40 lb. .011 in. 16 36
60 lb. .014 in. 16 25
80 lb. .016 in. 16 30
100 lb. .018 in. 16 23
130 lb. .020 in. 16 20
200 lb. .026 in. 16 17

C16 Breakdown

C-16 super braid is the most advanced hollow core braided line in the world. It is composed of the finest gel spun polyethylene fibers available, providing virtually no stretch on hooksets and hook ups. 16 individual fibers provide the most structurally sound splicing platform out of any braid ever seen before. Offered in sizes 40 lb. – 300 lb., this braid is built for a wide array of applications and is ready for any task at hand. Along with Cortland’s performance, you also get Cortland’s durability with this super braid. Our Fibertech and Colorlast technologies will ensure that your braid performs and lasts to it maximum lifespan. No fraying, no color bleeding and next level abrasion resistance. Welcome to the future of Super Braid.


Protection that bonds to the individual fibers, which stiffens and improves handling of the line. Lines cast farther and last longer without excess stiffness.


High molecular weight gel-spun polyethylene fibers that are stronger than steel. Virtually no stretch for incredible sensitivity. Doesn’t degrade in sunlight / UV light.


Provides the longest lasting color. Doesn’t fade. Doesn’t bleed.

C16 excels in casting due to the silky smooth construction. Use it for topwater fishing Tuna, Surf Casting, or any application where you need a trusted, smooth braid.

We developed our hollow core braid with 16 carriers to give big game anglers the ultimate foundation for all kinds of splicing. Having 16 individual fibers creates an incredibly solid wall, that is easy to splice and saves time in preparation so you can spend more time on the water.

We recommend Daho splicing needles. They are easy to work with and have a needle for every type of splice.