Line doesn’t get much of the glory in fishing. Yet nothing is more critical from the instant a fish takes until it’s in the net. Our freshwater line is offered in mono and braided. It includes industry leading Endurance mono and Master Braid. Our lines resist stretching, indicate subtle strikes and are true to the test strength stamped on the spool. Because once you set the hook, the only thing between that fish and your net is our line.


Ice fishing has its own demands on line, chief among them being the ability to perform in extreme cold. Our lines stand up to those demands: They resist kinking and freezing while offering the sensitivity you need to detect subtle strikes.

  • Hi-Vis Ice Monofilament

    Extruded in bright chartreuse color for easy detection of subtlest strikes, our Hi-Vis Ice monofilament shares the same low...

  • Camo Ice Monofilament

    Formulated for low-memory and high abrasion resistance in cold weather, our special Cam-O-Flage Ice Monofilament is dyed a...