Line doesn’t get much of the glory in fishing. Yet nothing is more critical from the instant a fish takes until it’s in the net. Our freshwater line is offered in mono and braided. It includes industry-leading Endurance mono and Master Braid. Our lines resist stretching, indicate subtle strikes and are true to the test strength stamped on the spool. Because once you set the hook, the only thing between that fish and your hand is our line.

Monofilament All Water

Cortland monofilament is high-tensile with fantastic knot and shock-strength properties. It is available in a wide range of test strengths and colors to suit the variety of fishing conditions and species.

  • Miracle Mono

    Miracle Mono is the best-quality economy monofilament available on the market today. Made in Cortland, New York, under the...

  • CMC-ST8

    Cortland’s new Command Series premium monofilament puts the angler, as the name suggests, in command. Extruded from high-...