When you’re camping, hunting or hiking it’s always smart to carry a hunk of rope. Our Para-Cord and Sportsman’s Rope are developed and manufactured at our Cortland, N.Y., factory to exacting military standards. They pack easily and come in a variety of lengths, colors and types to suit most any outdoor use.

Sportsman's Rope

A length of rope and quality knife are two essentials every sportsman needs in the field. Whether strapping down canvas tarp, tying of your boat to shore, or hauling out your prize, Cortland has a number of braided lines to suit most any outdoor use — in the woods, on the river, anywhere else. 

  • Sportsman's Rope

    Braided in a multi-color camouflage pattern to blend into the landscape, Our all-purpose 1/4" Sportsman's Rope is strong,...

  • Tree Stand Rope

    Rot-proof and reliable, our 25-foot, 1/8" camo treestand rope is a must-have accessory for hauling gear and equipment up...

  • Big Game Rope

    This 50-foot camouflaged 1/8" cord is easily stashed in the pocket of your hunting coat to help you during field dressing...

  • Game Processing Cord

    Our Game Processing Cord is a specialty product designed to fit the needs of outdoorsmen in the field. Built with high...