Coldwater Plus

Joe Goodspeed

Cortland’s Coldwater Plus range of fly lines is designed for the colder saltwater environments, where finding fish means understanding how the tides influence the baitfish and other food sources. Targeting the cold saltwater with fly gear requires special fly lines designed to maximize the often-fleeting opportunities for success.

It’s hard to beat the excitement of blitzing fish pinning baitfish against the surface, and there’s no time to waste when you’re in casting range. Cortland’s new Blitz line with our HTx surface technology features a compact head that delivers quick, accurate casts with minimal false casting and keeps your flies high in the water column where the action is. The clear intermediate head is built around a blue braided core, allowing a stealthy appearance overhead but enough visibility to track your fly through surface chaos, while the sky-blue running line makes it easy to tell when you’re close enough to the head to recast. A 12-foot long thicker-diameter handling step behind the head allows extra grip and control for shooting long casts. Available in 275-, 350- and 425-grain head weight configurations.

When surface activity isn’t a possibility, targeting current breaks created by the tides is often the best way to get your fly in front of active fish. Those ripping tides can be tough to penetrate, often leaving anglers fishing above the most productive zone. Our new Deep Salt lines with HTx surface technology are designed to maximize your ability to get down — with a compact fast-sinking line that loads your rod quickly and delivers a positive turnover every time. The Deep Salt has a black Type VIII ultrafast sinking 28-foot head with a short front taper that delivers positive fly turnover, supported by a sky-blue intermediate running line with a thicker 12-foot transition area for extra grip and control when shooting long casts. Available in 275-, 350- and 425-grain head weight configurations.