Finessing a great soft-presentation line

Joe Goodspeed

Cortland Line Company is fortunate to be headquartered in the midst of exceptional wild trout fishing — the incomparable Delaware River system is a short drive away. With large wild rainbows and browns in glassy pools receiving heavy fishing pressure from many of the best dry fly anglers in the Northeast each season, it’s the perfect location to hone the ideal presentation fly line.


When faced with rising trout that are spooky and selective, most experienced dry fly anglers rely on a longer leader design to maximize natural presentations and drag-free drifts. In order to effectively cast and fish the longest dry fly leaders over the toughest fish, the fly line must transfer the proper amount of energy to the butt of the leader — while maintaining the suppleness necessary for extending a good drift.


Cortland’s new Finesse TroutTM line is designed precisely for this purpose. The tip diameter is slightly larger than competing presentation-type lines to give you ultimate control over longer leaders when fishing dries, emergers or small wet flies. 


Personally, the Finesse Trout has become my favorite line to cast and fish on the surface. The line is made with an extra-thin core that helps throw the tightest loops and improves line speed by decreasing the outside diameter of the line. Finesse Trout lines are slightly overweight at the AFTMA standard 30’ distance, so when a target pops up in close you can still load the rod and deliver an accurate cast. The “heron blue” color offers the perfect combination of stealth and visibility.

We’re excited to partner with MidCurrent to present the premiere of "Picking Off the Picky Ones," highlighting the Finesse Trout line. This fourth video in our “Feel the Pull” series was shot during a classic day of side channel dry-fly fishing with guide John Herzer on Montana’s Bitterroot River. Click through here to see just how softly the Finesse Trout line lays out a cast — and how hard those Montana trout fight when they’re fooled.

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