Liquid Crystal Gets a Taste of Freshwater

Joe Goodspeed

Since the release of the supple, long-casting saltwater Liquid CrystalTM, Cortland Line has fielded requests for a freshwater-specific version. After years of product development, we’re finally ready to unveil the crystal-clear hover-density Crystal Fresh — the ultimate in stealth and performance.

 We fuse a clear polyethylene blend directly onto a clear core with a glass-smooth surface —creating the most transparent fly line ever produced. With a hover sink rate that just breaks the surface, the Crystal Fresh won’t cast a shadow so you can target the spookiest fish in the brightest conditions with confidence. And — the blended polyethylene coating has an ultra-slick, low-stretch PE surface that sheds water for long-distance casts and minimal surface disturbance during line pickup. Late morning trico spinnerfall in bright sunlight? Nervous carp on shallow sand flats? Crystal Fresh stacks the odds in your favor.


To maximize performance across the size range, Crystal Fresh features a trout taper (4 to 6 weight) and a long-casting, general-purpose weight-forward taper (7 to 10 weight). This line is intended for use in air/water temps above 50°F/10°C.  MSRP $90.