Care of your Cortland fly line is very simple, only takes a few minutes, and will help maximize the usable life of the line.  Here are a few easy steps:

Keep it Clean – Cortland supplies a free cleaning pad with every new line that will both clean and replenish some of the plasticizers in your fly line.  Simply pull the line through the pad each time you go fishing or you can also quickly clean a line by pulling it through a soft, absorbent cloth that has been soaked in soapy water.  

Fly Line Treatments – There are many aftermarket fly line treatments and lotions that claim to improve casting performance when applied to the fly line.  The best leave a microscopically thin film of slickness after replenishing some of the plasticizers and other chemicals that naturally migrate from a well-used line.  Cortland recommends occasionally refurbishing your line with one of our fly line care products by applying a thin layer, carefully wiping almost all of it off using a soft absorbent cloth, and allowing it to dry on your reel overnight before heading out to the stream.

Stretch it – Even the most flexible fly line has a degree of memory from storage on the reel.  This is easily removed by gently stretching the line before you go fishing.  Ask a friend to pull off as much line as you usually cast, or stretch short sections between your hands to remove any lingering coils.  A minute or two spent stretching your line will make a big difference in its shooting and handling characteristics.  This is a good time to give it a quick wipe with your Cortland line cleaning pad too.

Stay Away from Solvents – Most aerosols, insect repellents (DEET), vinyl treatments, silicone sprays and some sun protection products contain volatile solvents and other chemicals that can damage the coating of a PVC fly line.  

Stay Away from High Heat and Watch out for physical damage – Prolonged exposure to high heat can literally melt the plasticizers out of a fly line.  Some of the hottest places that can cause the most damage include the dashboard or the rear trunk of an automobile parked in the hot sun.  You can also damage a fly line by stepping on it (especially if your wading boots have metal spikes), jamming it under rocks or logs, or pinching it between the spool and frame of your fly reel.

With the proper care and maintenance, your Cortland fly line should last a long time, so it really pays to follow these few, simple, common-sense steps.  Even better, your line will shoot faster, cast farther and float higher.



All Cortland fly lines are warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.  Our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or the natural breakdown of materials over time and use.  

Return Procedure

1.Call our customer service department at 607-756-2851 or 800-847-6787 to describe the problem and obtain RA # (Return Authorization Number).

2.Return the defective fly line with a written explanation of the problem, along with your name, shipping address (no PO Box numbers) and your contact information.

Cortland will determine if the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect.  Fly lines showing normal wear and tear or damage due to abuse are not covered by our warranty and will be returned to you.  Defective lines will be replaced at no charge.  Please note that Cortland will not be responsible for packages that are lost or damaged in the mail, so please use a traceable shipping service.