Saltwater fishing tests the angler with long casts, stiff winds, withering heat and selective fish that swim faster, jump higher and fight longer than anything found in freshwater. Our saltwater lines meet each challenge with tapers designed to turn big flies into the wind, to present imitations with finesse and to stand up to the sun, the salt and every line-ripping, rod-doubling, hoot-inducing run.

Tropic Plus

The Precision Tropic PlusTM series of floating fly lines is made with cores manufactured in our Cortland, New York, headquarters and treated with specially formulated primers for optimum adhesion and stiffness. Our Tropic Plus coatings are formulated with a blend of advanced polymers to achieve a hard, durable surface that shoots well and stands up to the blistering heat of the tropical sun — or the deck of a skiff. Tapers are uniquely profiled for each fly fishing application and all lines come with dual welded loops for easy rigging and leader changes. Also available in Ghost Tips of different lengths.