Saltwater fishing tests the angler with long casts, stiff winds, withering heat and selective fish that swim faster, jump higher and fight longer than anything found in freshwater. Our saltwater lines meet each challenge with tapers designed to turn big flies into the wind, to present imitations with finesse and to stand up to the sun, the salt and every line-ripping, rod-doubling, hoot-inducing run.

333 Classic Saltwater

Saltwater is tough on tackle. Our 333 Classic saltwater taper lines are made to stand up to the heat and salt while performing at distance and in wind. All 333 Classic lines feature hard-finished coatings, aggressive front tapers and low memory running lines to shoot smoothly and resist tangling.

  • Saltwater Floating - Yellow

    Cortland's new 333 Classic Saltwater floating fly line is a great all-round line for fishing stripers, redfish, bonefish...