Cortland accessories are designed and engineered to make fishing easier and more enjoyable, right from the start. Our kits help beginners wade in. Our storage and fly boxes get anglers organized. And our tools improve efficiency on the water. All of which, leads to more fish.

Fly Boxes & Storage

For most anglers storage is personal. We all like to organize flies in our own ways. Cortland offers options that range from boat boxes to floating foam boxes to your basic plastic u-bottoms. Naturally, they come in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate everything from a number 24 midge to a 3/0 cockroach.

  • Fly-Case Foam Fly Boxes

    Molded from solid, high-density EVA foam, these super-lightweight boxes close securely with four magnets.  The outside is...

  • U-Bottom Fly Boxes

    Stong, lightweight and transparent boxes made of shatter-resistant, solvent-proof plastic with concave-shaped compartments...

  • Cortland Nubby Tack Fly Boxes

    Stong, lightweight plastic fly boxes fitted with Nubby Tack(TM) in the bottom and flat foam in the top.  Nubby Tack holds...

  • Flypad - Fly Storage System

    The new FLYPAD Ecosystem is an innovative modular fly storage, box and tray system developed by Thinkfish of Leon, Spain. ...

  • Cortland Ripple Foam Fly Boxes

    Three sizes of rugged, high-quality, lightweight plastic fly boxes fitted with ripple foam in the bottom and flat foam in...