Cortland accessories are designed and engineered to make fishing easier and more enjoyable, right from the start. Our kits help beginners wade in. Our storage and fly boxes get anglers organized. And our tools improve efficiency on the water. All of which, leads to more fish.

Floatants & Dressings

A top lineup of the dressings, desiccants and floatants you need for any style of fishing.

  • Dressing Float Dust and Pro Float

    The Float Dust is the bestdry fly floatant for CDC dry flies - and to "shake & bake" drowned flies after they've been...

  • Dressings Dab Fly Floatant (1/card)

    Our best-selling silicon gel is packaged in a handy flip-top tub.  Ideal for dry flies and bass bugs, its paste-like...

  • Dressings Dry Fly Spray

    A liquid, silicone-based dry fly floatant in a convenient pump-spray applicator bottle.  Dries quickly and won't matt down...

  • Dressing Dry-Ur-Fly Desiccant

    Dry-Ur-Fly (tm) Desiccant will absorb most of the water from drowned dry flies and quickly restore them to their original...

  • Dressing Tungsten Putty

    A blend of 85% tungsten and a sticky adhesive that is a great, environmentally friendly split shot substitute.  With just...

  • Fly Line Dressings

    Our cleaner/re-conditioner pads are packaged in compact, watertight containers designed specifically for stream-side use. ...

  • XL Fly Line Cleaner

    A modern line treatment for floating fly lines that cleans, condtitons and restores floatation properties.  Comes in a one-...