At our core, Cortland is a line company. And has been for nearly 100 years. More to the point, we’re a fishing company, which means our advancements and designs are geared toward catching more and bigger fish. For you this means better casting, less visibility (or more if you are using a high-vis line), controlled stretch, reliable sink rates and specialized tapers. And we don’t stop there. Every inch of every fly line is inspected by hand before it leaves the factory. Every batch of mono we extrude is tested for strength. 

In addition to controlling manufacturing quality, we are tireless in our pursuit of performance innovations. Over the decades, we’ve introduced dozens of difference-making advances. Some of these, like our unique Trout BossTM WF taper, are engineering-driven. Others, like our FiberTech® line treatment, are science-driven. All of them are fishing-driven. So, put them in your hands ... and feel the pull.


Cortland’s PE+ blended polyethylene is a transparent, naturally buoyant plastic with an ultraslick finish and easy handling properties. We seamlessly fuse our PE+ finish with a solid monofilament core — creating an ultrastrong, low-stretch fly line that will reach distant targets with minimal effort

PSTTM Coating 
PST stands for Precision Shooting Technology — Cortland’s latest coating technology. PST actually reinforces the line jacket with a unique layer applied INSIDE the coating during production, improving the durability and slickness of the line with a fully sealed process that won’t wash away like our competitors’ surface lubricants.

Cortland was the first company to offer ultrahigh floatation technology, and still leads the way with our high-floating Dyna-Tips. Many of our premium lines feature the added benefit of a high-floating, visible Dyna-Tip — improving line control, strike detection, and decreasing surface disturbance when you pick up to cast again.

Cortland FiberTech is a proprietary penetrating treatment we use to permanently protect and enhance the handling properties of our Master BraidTM and C-16TM super braids. Unlike our competitors’ coatings, FiberTech penetrates the braid and permanently bonds with the fibers, so it won’t flake, fade or wash off.

Welded Loops
Many anglers rely on the convenience and efficiency of factory installed loops to switch leaders, sink tips or entire shooting heads with minimal hassle.  Cortland builds smooth, durable, streamlined loops — which we now feature on both ends (dual loops) on our premium line offerings.