Perhaps your mom or dad taught you how to fish, or your fondest memories are of being on the water with your best friend. The point is, while fishing is an individual sport, it is certainly a communal activity enjoyed best with others. Similarly, while Cortland strives to make the best-performing fishing lines on the planet, it takes more than line to fish. In today’s business climate, collaborating with others helps companies and consumers alike. At Cortland, we have pursued and developed relationships with a very select group of companies to expand our product mix and extend our marketing reach. We’re proud to call them partners.

In an effort spearheaded by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia retail stores across the world are promoting the concept of Tenkara-style fishing by offering a full complement of top-quality Tenkara equipment and instructional literature. Cortland’s product development group teamed with Yvon to build a unique level-floating .027-inch Tenkara line for Patagonia that utilizes a small-diameter, hard mono core with a supple PVC coating. These lines are slightly stiffer than competing Tenkara products, allowing the line to drape greater distances from the rod tip with less sag — maximizing the effective distance an angler can cover. Each Tenkara coil is 40 foot long, so it can be cut to form separate lines, and comes with a pre-looped tapered 7.5’ 3x leader.

A longtime innovator of fly lines, Jim Teeny is one of the most influential anglers, fly tiers and product designers in the industry. He is also fond of reminding anglers that fishing is not just about the fish you catch, but also those you share it with. This captures the spirit of Cortland's pursuit of collaboration with other companies. Jim originated the idea of developing a sinking deep-water shooting head mated to a floating running line that would be easy to cast and strong enough to reel in a large Alaskan salmon. Jim has relied on Cortland to manufacture fly lines to his precise specifications for well over a decade. 

An industry leader in affordable, high-performance fly rods with an impressive design team led by Lefty Kreh, Temple Fork has teamed up with Cortland to design a premium quality co-branded fly line to complement the casting profile and maximize the performance of their fly rods.